Basic Engine Detailing (Mobile)

Wash and Wipe down top section of the vehicle's engine, inner hood, etc Available at 1 Locations

$50.00 - 45 min

Headlight Restoration (Mobile)

Wet sand and compound headlights to reduce oxidation, increase clarity, and promote visibility. Available at 1 Locations

$100.00 - 90 min



New England Auto Spa LLC

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Mar 2023

Lucas did an incredible job on my car. I have two small kids and two dogs, and the car looks brand new- better than the day I bought it. He had attention to detail and was very thorough cleaning all aspects of the car. I would highly recommend Lucas and will be sure to work with him in the future. He was professional, polite, and very responsive. Well worth the experience!


Feb 2023

I hired Lucas to clean my Mom's car that I was getting ready to sell. It had small dents, scratches and everything else. When he was done, the dent was gone, scratches almost completely gone and he even restored the headlights to remove all the haze from them. That 2010 looked like a 2020. Will be calling him in the spring for both me and my husbands vehicles. Highly recommend!!


Feb 2023

Lucas Pitkin did a professional and thorough job detailing the interior of my vehicle. I would highly recommend his services to my friends and family. Price was reasonable and the time it took between when he picked up my car to when it returned it completed, was less than 3 hours. A very good experience for this customer.


Dec 2022

We have had Luke detail two vehicles. Does a great job!


Dec 2022


Dec 2022


Oct 2022

Lucas is a very hard-working dependable young man it’s a good head on your shoulders good business sense takes care of the customer even though he was delayed in arriving he notified me in advance so I was aware of what was going on and he stayed until the job was done even though it was late thoroughly satisfied beautiful workmanship


Jul 2022

Lucas did an amazing interior detail of my car. I will absolutely use his services again!


Jul 2022

The service was fantastic and it was super appreciated that you came back to make sure the car was in perfect condition with the exterior paint repair. We really appreciate it and will definitely use and recommend you in the future!


Jul 2022

I never thought they could get all the dog hair out but they did 100%


May 2022

Highly recommend this service! Lucas did an amazing job for a great price. We'll definitely be using New England Auto Spa again!


Apr 2022

Good kid. Hard worker. I’d use him again.


Apr 2022

Lucas took his time and my car looked brand new after he was finished! I will certainly be using his services again!


Mar 2022

Alex did a great job on my car! I had the interior cleaned and it looked a brand new car!


Mar 2022

They cleaned the interior of my car so well! It's hard to believe that my car that carries around 2 Irish Wolfhounds would ever look the way it does now! They communicated well with me even though I was in California!! GREAT JOB, I will recommend them to EVERYONE! Thank you!!